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Overview of the TC Systems Healthcare Robot Solutions

TC Healthcare Robotic Solutions (TCHRS)

TCHRS is a robotic healthcare environment which includes a robot at the patient's location and a computer at the caregiver or loved one's location.

The remote location may be a healthcare provider's office or simply the home computer of a loved one.

The authorized remote user(s) interact with the robot and personnel at the place where the patient is being attended. This is referred to "Remote Mode" when the interaction occurs remotely. 

TCHRS may also be used locally at the place of treatment by the patient, caregivers or loved ones. This is referred to as "Local Mode".

TCHRS Remote Mode
TCHRS Remote Mode allows a caregiver or family member to monitor and interact with a remote individual as if they are there with the patient.
  • There is a computer at the Remote Location which is where the caregiver or remote family member is located.
  • At the Monitoring Location there is a TC Systems Robot.
  • Both the computer at the Remote Location and the TC Systems Robot have the TCHRS software running on them.

Features of TCHRS:
  • Ability of TC Systems robot to travel from bedside to bedside, conducting patient visits.
  • TC Systems Robot looks like a person, to help ease the concern of patients interacting with a robot.
  • Video System allows for robot to look up, down, left, right by moving the robot's eyes.
  • The neck of the TC Robot turns to allow looking about the room. 
  • Bidirectional Audio and Video.
  • Ability to text chat bidirectionally (among one or more users that are logged onto the TCHRS system).
  • Storage of healthcare and related information - charts, images and vitals (only available to authorized individuals).
  • Realtime viewing and monitoring of vitals.
  • Setting of alert thresholds.
  • Alerting by SMS text message and email when an alert condition is reached (including if the patient leaves their bed or home – e.g. Alzheimer’s patient monitoring).
  • Allow the patient to have the robot reads books to them.
  • Receive information in the form of spoken, text and email messages from the robot which pertain to their likes and dislikes.
  • Ability for the patient to contact caregivers or family members by voice command.

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